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Talent Concept

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People oriented

Eager talent, talent, be utilized, can make the best use.

Kooka uphold people-oriented business philosophy, stick with broad prospects for development of cohesion, with better career goals to motivate people. Through the establishment of scientific and effective mechanism for talented people, to create a positive environment for the growth of good talent, we continue to create opportunities for personal development, make all kinds of talents have the opportunity to succeed.

Only the amount applicable

Amount applies, because it can posts, the ability to determine positions and contribute to determine the value.

The use of "capable, concerning" competition mechanism and initiative to stimulate the potential of human resources, so that both ability and integrity, high efficiency talent to the fore.

Innovation beyond

Keep learning, continue to innovate and beyond, never satisfied.

Improve the incentive mechanism, insist on performance management, to assess the results of careful analysis and summary, so that penalties and rewards, objective and impartial, it must award the penalty was supposed to.

Common success

Common development and common development, hand in hand, create brilliant.

No staff's efforts, there will be no successful companies, no successful enterprise, there will not be successful employees. So that employees and businesses grow together, and common development, is Kooka consistent Talents Development. Kooka encourage employees to their own development and long-term planning combined to provide a variety of ways the growth and development model for employees. Work together to share the glory.

We always believe that talent is the source have the strength! Talent for business, enterprise train qualified personnel!

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