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HRL series laser loading robot

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HRL series laser cutting machine loading and unloading sorting robot

Applicable Industry

Elevators, electrical cabinets, kitchen utensils, security doors, automobiles, safes, agricultural machinery, construction industry and other industries related to sheet metal processing.

Product Features

1. HRL series laser cutting machine loading and unloading robot can replace the manual cutting of various kinds of sheets on the laser cutting machine table, and accurately classify the pallets to reduce the labor intensity of the operators.

2, offline programming technology. The equipment is equipped with the company's self-developed offline programming software, which enables robots to intelligently identify parts and automatically convert them into machine execution code to realize intelligent operation of laser cutting parts sorting. Greatly improved operational convenience and efficiency.

3, modeling, automated design, and most of the current brand of wave cutting machine set up, the well can be customized to the site needs of the roots

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