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Good news: Warmly Congratulate Yangzhou Hengjia automation national key laboratory "10-base-100 points" demonstration application point


On November 9,2018, at the 2018 Yangzhou Hanjiang high-tech achievements and high-value patent transfer and transformation meeting held in Hanjiang district, Yangzhou city, Hanjiang district, yangzhou Hengjia Automation Equipment Co. , Ltd. was evaluated the state key laboratory "10-base-100-point" demonstration application point.

In order to focus on the development needs of the "three main and three special" industries, to innovate the development concept, and to take the state key laboratory as an important focal point for collaborative innovation, giving full play to the role of the major platform carriers in clustering and driving the development of industries, efforts will be made to boost the industry to engage in forward-looking research into key common technologies, and promote the transfer and transformation of high-tech achievements and high-value patents, so as to enhance the overall competitiveness of the industry. Hanjiang District, Yangzhou has hosted the "10-based 100-point conference" for Yangzhou Hanjiang-a key national laboratory.

The award is a recognition of Automation's development and research achievements. In the future, Hengjia automation will continue to strengthen technology research and development, technical innovation work, to build intelligent sheet metal factory, for the adjustment of industrial structure in Jiangsu, the formation of new technology growth point play a positive role.

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