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Yangzhou Hengjia automation to participate in the 20th China International Industrial Expo 2018


China's trade fair (CIIF) , one of the largest and most influential international industrial events in China and the asia-pacific region, has celebrated its 20th birthday. The expo is expected to cover an area of 280,000 exhibitors with more than 2,600 exhibitors and more than 160,000 visitors. During the same period, several summits and technical exchanges were held, including the China Sheet Metal Intelligent Manufacturing Summit, China Intelligent 2025 International Cooperation Forum, China Robot Summit Forum and China Metal Cutting high-level forum.

The fair opened in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center from September 19 to September 23. Booth number: 2H-F168. Exhibitors Model: HR400L (laser loading and unloading robot) + HR-AFD3015(punching machine loading and unloading robot) .

Applicable Industries: Elevator, electrical cabinet, kitchenware, security door, car, safe, agricultural machinery, construction industry and other industries related to sheet metal.

Product features:

The device of feeding and discharging of punch instead of manual work can realize one side automatic feeding and discharging of punch, 24 hours work, feeding and discharging cycle is about 25s, which can greatly improve labor productivity and reduce labor intensity.

Multi-variety and multi-type laser robot can greatly reduce the area, meet the needs of different sheet metal processing, open rob, can be matched with many host equipment, and realize the automatic processing of laser cutting unit.

During the exhibition, visitors, through our sales staff carefully patiently explain, many customers expressed their intention to cooperate. Fully achieved the purpose of the exhibition.

If you are interested, please contact us and we will provide you with more professional sheet metal automation solutions.

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