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Hengjia invites you to participate in 2017 China International Industrial Fair (CNC machine tools and metal processing exhibition)


The Metalworking & CNC Machine Tools Show, as the most representative industrial exhibition in China, locates the forward-looking layout and develops with the 270,000 square meters leading manufacturing industry theme event during the same period It will bring more than 150,000 buyers from around the world to the site, bringing new challenges in process upgrading, line sourcing, design, engineering and solutions, as well as creating new mechanisms for benefit sharing and collaboration.

Hengjia has participated in the seventh year of MWCS (numerical control machine tool and metal processing) exhibition. As a grand gathering in metal processing industry, MWCS provides a good display platform for the major metal processing enterprises. After years of participation in the experience, also let Hengjia met a lot of friends and partners inside and outside the industry. Looking forward to the future exhibition, Hengjia shows the equipment so that more people understand the automation industry platform, through the understanding of our technology to buy our products.

Product description:

Material bin + Punching Machine Upper and lower material unit:

Applicable Industries: Elevator, electrical cabinet, kitchen ware, security door, car, safe, agricultural machinery, construction industry and other sheet metal processing-related industries.

P product features:

1. The material storehouse and the numerical control punch press integration, realizes the automatic loading and unloading, the automatic processing, the automatic storage material function. Be Able to meet the customer multi-variety of plate automatic flexible production.

2, can be customized according to different customer needs of different specifications, different layers of the material library.

The company's floor plan is as follows:

Address: National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai Hongqiao)

Booth: Hall H 2 f 118

Exhibition time: November 7-11,2017

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