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Yangzhou Mayor Zhang Aijun and other leaders of the city government came to Hengjia Automation


On September 19,2017, Mayor Zhang Aijun of Yangzhou, director of the municipal government office you Zaijing, secretary of the CPC Hanjiang District Committee Zhang Yaowu, director of the District Office of the CPC Hanjiang Hanjiang district, Cai Weirong, director of the national high-tech zone of Yangzhou, Ye Huasheng and other leaders of the municipal and district governments visited the Hengjia Automation Factory Area Company Chairman Pan Diansheng, director of the general manager of the warm reception display. The leaders have a deep understanding of our development process, product performance and advantages, product quality and future development direction. The intelligent equipment industry is one of the key industries supported and supported by the provincial and municipal governments. The municipal and district leaders hope that Hengjia can continuously enhance the comprehensive strength of enterprises and improve its position in the sheet Metal Automation Industry In order to promote regional economic development and domestic sheet metal automation cause to make greater contributions.

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